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OMV is an international oil and gas company based in Vienna, Austria. It is owned in part by ÖBIB, an Austrian state holding company (31.5 percent) and IPIC, the International Petroleum Investment Company from Abu Dhabi (24.9 percent).[1] In 2006, OMV entered the Turkish market as a joint venture with POAS (Petrol Ofisi AS), Turkey’s leading fuel-oil distribution and lubricant company. Today, OMV POAS is 100 percent owned by OMV.[2]

Until 2011, OMV POAS owned 52 percent of K-Pet, Cyprus Turkish Petroleum Inc.[3] K-Pet has numerous filling stations throughout Northern Cyprus, branding itself as “Cyprus Energy.”[4]

In 2011, OMV POAS sold its shares in K-Pet.[5] Today, although OMV POAS is no longer the official owner, it still has a filling station in Northern Cyprus,[6] still sells its lubricant products there,[7] and K-Pet’s general director, Cem Arat, was previously an employee of OMV POAS,[8] suggesting continued ties between the two companies. What stands out even more is that six years after the official sale, North Cyprus K-Pet’s logo is identically aligned with OMV POAS branding and has not changed its since the sale.

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