Italcementi, Heidelberg Cement Group

Country of Origin

Germany, Italy

Stock Exchange Listings

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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~$15 Billion

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Italcementi Group is an Italian multinational company that produces cement, ready-mix concrete, and construction aggregates.[1] It has cement plants, grinding centers, and quarries in twenty-two countries in four continents.[2] In 2015, Heidelberg Cement, a German multinational building materials company, acquired 45 percent of Italcementi shares, effectively becoming Italcementi’s parent company. With the acquisition, Heidelberg Cement became the number one producer of aggregates, number two in cement, and number three in ready-mixed concrete worldwide.[3] Today, following gradual acquisition, Heidelberg Cement is the sole shareholder of Italcementi and owns 100 percent of the share capital.

Italcementi operates in Western Sahara through Ciments du Maroc (CIMAR), with cement plants and grinding centers in Laayoune.[4] Company maps and reports indicate that Italcementi considers Western Sahara to be part of Morocco.[5] Since 1999, CIMAR has been the second-largest cement manufacturer in Morocco. In addition, in 2011, Italcementi Group inaugurated a $32 million wind-energy park in Laayoune. In attendance at the opening ceremony was the secretary general of Morocco’s Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water, and the Environment, Mohammed Yahya Zniber.[6]

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