EuroChem Group AG

Country of Origin

Russia, Switzerland

Privately Owned


$4.5 Billion

Last Updated:

EuroChem Group AG is a nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer company owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko and based in Switzerland. Its subsidiary, Lifosa AB, produces and wholesales nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers, feed phosphates, and aluminum fluoride.[1] Based in Lithuania, it sells its products to approximately thirty countries worldwide.

In 2014, Lifosa AB was the second-largest importer of phosphorus from Western Sahara, importing 400,000 tons worth $44 million.[2] In 2015, imports decreased to 68,000 tons, and though Lifosa claimed it would be ending its imports entirely,[3] as late as October 2016, it was still importing an estimated 75,000 tons on one bulk carrier.[4]

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