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Auchan is a French multinational corporation present in fifteen countries, with almost 270,000 employees in its retail business. Auchan’s subsidiary Auchan Russia operates hypermarkets[1] in the Russian-occupied territory of Crimea. Shortly after the Russian takeover in 2014, Auchan transferred management of the business from its Ukrainian subsidiary to its Russian subsidiary.[2] From its Crimean logistics center, Auchan provides a full range of goods delivery services covering dozens of towns and cities in Crimea. Auchan also apparently maintains assets in Eastern Ukraine, in areas controlled by Russian-supported insurgents.[3]

Both the European Union and the United States imposed sanctions on Crimean wine producers, many of which were formerly state-owned Ukrainian enterprises. Crimean wines are widely distributed by Auchan Russia in its Russian stores, and at least some are produced by entities on EU and US sanctions lists.[4] According to an Auchan representative, “Auchan hypermarkets carry about 20 brands of Crimean wines.”[5]

In April–May 2016 it was announced that Auchan Russia will be exporting its private brand chocolate to Italy and Europe. In 2017, Auchan Retail Russia, which already has more than 100 hypermarkets and hundreds of supermarkets and smaller units in Russia, plans to invest $500 million in development[6] and begin construction of one of the largest logistics centers in Europe for its Russian activity.[7] Auchan Russia’s CEO, Jean-Pierre Germain, announced Auchan’s plan to continue annual investments of some $500–$600 million in Russia.[8]

Although Auchan officials cite some legal separations that allegedly protect them from responsibility for Auchan Russia’s dealings and sanctions violations,[9] even a short review of Auchan Holding’s annual and financial reports leaves no doubt that Auchan Russia plays an integral role in Auchan’s global structure and more importantly, has strategic importance for Auchan’s global development and growth plans.[10]

In April 2017, the Ukrainian government instituted legal proceedings against the company because of its Crimea operations. Nonetheless, Auchan insists its operations are lawful and will continue.[11]

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